I recommend Ripple Health Clinic, love PT with Chiro together!

Jennifer e

The treatment and staff are a wonder to be around. Would recommend, fully!


I thought the staff was very kind, knowledgeable, and welcoming. I liked how the information I was given was tailored to fit my needs/work situation. I have seen the results of their work in myself and my husband. I always felt welcomed here, encouraged, and felt I was given the tools to help with my pain.


The chiro has been very focused on my recovery and has given me great information on correcting my issues and preventing further problems.


I would recommend patients to Ripple Health Clinic for non-invasive treatment that works.


They did a great job diagnosing what was causing my pain and were able to take the necessary steps to fix it.


I have had back pain for nine years. I went in thinking that my back would not get better, pain-wise and mobility. My symptoms have improved dramatically. I can walk and stand for more than an hour.


I had a lot of pain in my neck, upper back and right arm. The pain prevented me from being able to workout, sitting at my desk for long periods of time, turning my neck when driving, and even had pain when getting ready or picking something light up.

The staff is very friendly. The chiropractic team and physical therapy team work together to help you eliminate your pain. The team has helped me get rid of my pain in 1 month and I am able to do all my activities again. I also like they give you stretches and exercise to do at home to get better and stronger over time.


I have had hip pain for years. The clinicians are fantastic. They are helpful, nice, and very knowledgeable. If you do the work and listen to them, it works!


The staff is welcoming, knowledgeable, and patient-focused. It is very apparent that they are all working together to come up with the best methods I really didn’t know how good my body was supposed to feel until coming to Ripple Health Clinic!


My symptoms were pain in my left hip area. I love all of the staff at Ripple Health Clinic! Very helpful and listen. I am very happy with my care by all staff.


Ripple Health Clinic: They are VERY GOOD!


I recommend Ripple Health Clinic because they have the best PT I have ever had because of the hands-on treatment.


I recommend Ripple Health Clinic because the staff is EXCEPTIONAL!


What’s great about Ripple Health is the whole theory behind the program. They incorporate chiropractic, massage, and physical therapy in their treatment plans. It was great not having to go to several different places for this. Everyone was aware of where I was at in my recovery process.


Julie is the best PT I have seen for my shoulders!


I had pain down my arms and numbness in both hands. The staff are professional, considerate, and made the pain go away. I recommend Ripple Health Clinic, you get good results and knowledge on what to expect.


I would recommend patients to Ripple Health Clinic for their quality of care!


Prior to beginning the DMR treatment protocol, my symptoms were low back pain and stiffness and my left hip was basically non-functional. I have had these symptoms for 2-4 years, really bad the last 6 months. My initial experience with the DMR staff is awesome. Julie is amazing! My pain is basically gone, working on range of motion.


Everyone is very knowledgeable and professional. I feel the staff sincerely has the patient’s best interest at heart!


Everyone is very friendly. Dr. Michlynn was very upfront and honest after seeing my MRI scan, if this would help me. Physical therapy people made me feel better with exercises and stretching. Everyone’s goal is to help improve quality of life; such caring and kind staff.


Prior to beginning at Ripple Health Clinic, I had low back pain, stiffness, and limited function for 10 years. The staff here was very friendly. I felt at home, in good hands, they were very knowledgeable. I have little to no pain, more flexibility, and more comfort in sitting and standing. I would absolutely recommend Ripple Health Clinic. I received not just pain management, but the tools I need to strengthen my muscles and live a better quality of life.


Four bulged discs and pinched nerves brought me to Ripple Health Clinic. All of the people I have met and worked with have been very professional and a pleasure to see each visit. My symptoms improved within a week or two, and my back feels fine. I believe in the DMR Method and the employees I worked with.


Prior to beginning treatment at Ripple Health Clinic, my symptoms were back pain and leg numbness for about 2 months. I noticed an improvement in about a month, and now my leg numbness is gone. I would recommend Ripple Health Clinic as they are really good at trying to fit you on the schedule when symptoms flare up.


I recommend Ripple Health Clinic because they provided very professional and personalized care.


I recommend Ripple Health Clinic for their comprehensive services, Doctors that listen and want to help, and are accommodating.


Dr. Michlynn and all of her staff are very attentive & kind. They take the time to listen to develop the appropriate treatment base on symptoms. I learned a lot of new information on posture, stretching, and exercise to help reduce the aggravation of arthritis. Really noticed a difference at DMR that they take the time to treat my individual need, rather than a standard treatment that is the same for everyone.


I could go on for days about what a great chiropractor Dr. Michlynn is! She is gentle, effective, and very knowledgeable. Her skill is one that is not found every day which is why I drive 20 miles to see her. Been seeing her for over 5 years and many more to come!


This place and this doctor are truly a gift. She really knows her stuff and I’ve never felt in better hands, literally. From adjustments to PT to massage therapy, this place has it all. If you’re looking for a friendly, caring, and real results clinic, this place is for you. Go here, meet these people, you won’t regret it!


Dr. Tiffany, Paul & Dr. Michlynn are amazing- very professional & know their stuff!


Very good job of understanding my condition on a day-to-day basis. Excellent knowledge from the staff, all around.


It is a breath of fresh air after 23 years of pain and mistreatment to have a clinic dedicated to making your long-term quality of life holistically better!


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