Ripple Health Clinic proudly offers Game Ready cold therapy machines! The therapeutic cold and active compression supplied by a cold therapy machine work together to help you recover from injuries even faster than ice packs or static compression alone. Because Game Ready machines constantly circulate cold water through an ice reservoir, the temperature remains consistent throughout the therapy session. Adding active compression allows therapeutic cold to penetrate deeper and last longer. This means faster tissue repair and an accelerated injury recovery for you!

Game Ready offers patented wraps for virtually any kind of injury. Whether you need a boot that fully encloses an ankle sprain, a lumbar wrap to recover from a back injury, or a shoulder wrap, Ripple Health Clinic has the Game Ready machine and the right wrap for you!

According to ongoing surveys of over 9700 patients:

  • 96% said Game Ready provided a better post-op recovery than a previous surgery using a different cold therapy.
  • 87% said Game Ready helped reduce the amount of pain medication they took, or enabled them to stop taking medications sooner.
  • 98% said they were glad their physician or medical provider offered Game Ready as an option for recovery.

Call us today to set up your appointment, and experience the cold therapy benefits of Game Ready! 763-432-9866