Percussive Massage Guns: A Massage Therapist In Your Gym Bag

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The first time I saw a percussive massage gun, I was intrigued. It looked, and felt, like a power tool. Solidly built, with enough heft to make it feel substantial, but not unwieldy. After a little instruction, I put it to use. Immediately, I knew this technology was a total game-changer.

Shortly after, we introduced massage guns at Ripple Health Clinic. They were an instant hit! So, if you haven’t been in to see us recently, what is a percussive massage gun?

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Percussive massage guns come in several styles from different manufacturers, like the Theragun, or our clinic’s favorite, QiQiGo. Most units pulse between 2,000-3,500 times per minute and come with interchangeable heads for different therapies. They work by using vibration to increase blood flow, break up the tension, improve range of motion and decrease soreness and recovery time. They’ve become a popular recovery tool among professionals, recommended by doctors, trainers, and physical therapists.

According to a study in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, vibration therapy and traditional massage are both effective at reducing delayed onset muscle soreness. But in addition to combatting pain, vibration therapy also proves helpful in decreasing the levels of lactic acid in your body post-workout. So, while static recovery items like standard foam rollers, Rollgas, and Thera Canes can dig into tight spots and loosen muscles, a massage gun is like carrying your own personal masseur everywhere you go!

How To Use a Percussive Massage Gun

  1. Rest the gun on your muscle and turn it on. This keeps your muscle more relaxed.
  2. No need to apply pressure! Let the weight of the unit do the work.
  3. Slide it slowly along the muscle, allowing it to momentarily rest on any knots you encounter.
  4. Rest and repeat. Short sessions are fine, a few minutes at a time.

While a percussive massage gun won’t replace the personal care and skill you’ll receive from a Massage Therapist, it is a wonderful tool to have in your gym bag! We personally appreciate the ability to treat “on the go” between massage sessions. If you would like to see our percussive massage gun in action, stop into Ripple Health Clinic or schedule an appointment to feel its amazing results!

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