The Art Edition.

Welcome back for our second “Adventure” newsletter. Or, if this is your first, then we’re glad you’re here. We’re going to invite you into our crew. Introduce you to our people. Give you an inside look at our favorite things. 

Let me be your Tour Guide on this curated artistic journey

Every month, we’re going to create a themed experience for you. Every month, something different. Our second edition is built around our favorite artistic expressions. Oil paintings of dogs. Eclectic music. The art of pressure washing. 

We asked everyone we could think of what types of art they enjoyed most; staff, social media, random strangers that we now count as friends. We threw in an interview, some staff gossip and arranged it in the most artistic way possible.

Film Star

From handheld photography to Hollywood , Kodak has been the choice or artists for 130 years. 

Take a scroll down memory lane with this list of movies shot on Kodak film.

Our Resident Artist

We threw 5 questions at our Director of Fun, aka Kelley McGowan LPT

Last year, you knocked everyone’s socks off with personalized artwork for each person. Have you always been into artistic endeavors?

Maybe? I’ve loved doing crafts when the kids were young and I stamped cards for a while, but don’t really have artistic talent. I can follow directions well, but need a guide.

Who or what inspires you to create?

Hmmm, sometimes the beauty of outside, the joy of a holiday, a season, an upcoming trip, wanting to bless someone, or just seeing a picture I like.

When you’re not crafting your next masterpiece, what is your go-to pastime?

I love to travel and do outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, camping, biking.
I also find Bible studies with friends incredibly helpful to living my best life and staying peaceful inside so I can pour into others and encourage them towards health and their best.
Thirdly, not just to make my hubby crazy, I do like to cook creatively. I can’t seem to follow a recipe without modifying a little something here or there.

You’ve lived and traveled all over the country, what places have fueled your creative side?

Definitely the mountains, hands down.

How do you want to be remembered in 100 years?

I want to be remembered as someone who brought joy. I want people to feel happy/better/smile after they’ve interacted with me in whatever capacity that may be.
It’s my best day ever when that happens.

Staff Favorites

Here’s what we’re appreciating in artistic expression!

Monte Dolack; Paints Montana landscapes, marine life and cool city to nature canvas
-Hannah, Front Desk

Sugar Ray; Reminds me of my childhood and pool parties.
-Dr. Danny, Chiropractic

Cindy Sherman; Photographs of women through the ages and how standards have changed.
-Ava, Clinic Assistant

I love dancing and watching dance (Fun Fact: Danced for 16 years)
-Dr. Michlynn, Chiropractic

Michelle the painter on YouTube; She has fun step by step painting tutorials we can follow to create great pictures. She has a ton of variety & colors & they turn out really good. She simplifies the steps to make it easy.
-Kelley, Physical Therapy

Relaxation Station

Feeling anxious? Stressed? Maybe a little irritable? Fear not, we’re here with some artistic intervention! Studies have shown that as little as 20 minutes of doodling and coloring significantly reduce feelings of anxiety. Maybe that’s why we were always sketching on everything in junior high study hall…

  • Mindless doodling is the way to go. Don’t put too much thought into it. 
  • Turned up your nose at coloring books for adults? Think again! Check out these free pages
  • Lastly, unplug from the world and turn on some tunes. We created a playlist for you.

We have a deep appreciation for the artistry nature provides. As warmer weather rolls in, make sure to enjoy it! On those days you’re stuck in a windowless cubicle, check out Dr. Michlynn and Dale’s favorite channel!

You’ve Reached the End.

We hope you enjoyed this Art Exhibition Tour! Stay tuned next month for another adventure! 
We always feel that the more the merrier, so if you know someone who’d enjoy coming along for the ride, pass this along. ‘d enjoy coming along for the ride, pass this along.