The Travel Edition.

Our first “Adventure” Newsletter. We’re going to invite you into our crew. Introduce you to our people. Give you an inside look at our favorite things.

This is your captain speaking. We are ready for takeoff.

Every month, we’re going to create a themed experience for you. Every month, something different. Our first edition is built around our favorite pastime, vacation. And you know what makes vacations awesome? Travel. Experiences. Food. Drinks.

We took a Poll

We asked “What’s your Favorite Place you’ve Traveled To?” Results were split. 50% said something tropical, 28% said somewhere cold and mountainous, and 22% were somewhere in the middle.

We asked everyone we could think of what their favorite place to travel to was; staff, social media, people in the street. Then we asked them what local fare they loved to eat and drink. We threw in an interview, some staff tips, health tricks and voila!

Our Travel Expert

We threw 5 questions at our fearless leader and resident vacation aficionado Dr. Michlynn.

What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled?

Virgin Islands. Clearest water I have seen, beaches where amazing and people where genuine and happy. I love the laid back feeling of “island living”.

What is your favorite part about travel?

I travel for 2 reasons. One, I set time aside on vacations to recharge along with check in with personal goals and vision. Two, Have uninterrupted time with my family making memories while exploring the world’s beauty.

We know you’re passionate about the clinic and work/life balance. What drives you?

I wanted to find a way to continue to serve people while raising and making memories with my family. I wanted to create an environment to allow others to enjoy coming to work and build a schedule that balances with their family life.

When you’re not traveling, or dreaming about traveling, what’s your go-to pastime?

I spend my time with my husband and two girls. I enjoy washing, chopping, and laying out fresh veggies and fruit to keep my family eating as much whole food as possible. I enjoy reading and listening to audio books/podcasts on personal, business and financial development while educating our girls on the same principles.

How do you want to be remembered in 100 years?

I want people to remember that I was happy to see them and I always helped them feel physically better or inspired.  I love meeting new people and I want to help everyone I encounter. Whether I help them with a physical pain, healing, mindset or diet. I want everyone to be one step closer to their optimal potential of feeling awesome after being with me.

Staff Favorites

Here’s what our staff can’t get enough of on vacation!

Shrimp Tacos and virgin Miami Vices! -Heather, Front Desk

Coconut Shrimp and Coco Limas! -Dale, Office Manager

Mahi Mahi or Grouper Tacos in Florida! –Leah, Physical Therapy

Arriving Relaxed

Flying can take their toll on your body. Dehydration, extended periods of sitting and over-priced prepackaged airport snacks can make you feel rough. Try these tips to arrive ready to relax!

  • Stay Mobile! Move as much as you can, and prevent feelings of stiffness and fatigue before they start
  • Knee Hugs! Bend forward slightly and clasp your knee, lifting your leg up and hugging it towards your chest. Hold it there for 10-15 seconds then release. Repeat on your other leg.
  • Finally, we’re not flight scientists here, but in “Die Hard”, John McLane seemed to think making fists with his toes kept jet lag at bay. 

You’ve Reached the End.

We hope you enjoyed this little dose of fun in the sun! Stay tuned next month for another adventure! 
We always feel that the more the merrier, so if you know someone who’d enjoy coming along for the ride, pass this along.