Stephen came to Ripple Health Clinic for a consultation for chronic stabbing pain in his low back that would shoot pain down his right leg. The stabbing pain was constant for years and he altered his lifestyle to avoid doing many physical activities that he wanted to do. He lost 50 pounds in hopes it would relieve his pain and relied on steroid injections 1-2 times per year for years. Medical doctors explained to him that the injections were merely a temporary solution and Stephen would need a fusion for long lasting relief. Stephen was hopeful Ripple Health Clinic could offer him alternatives to surgery.

Stephen started the DMR Method treatment for lumbar with us on Oct 21st 2019 and was successfully discharged from physical therapy on Dec 30th 2019. He has reached his goals of no pain, no spasms and is back to working out. He is running a mile at a time without stopping or pain, lifting weights 3 times a week, and feeling the best he has felt in 15+ years! He continues to check in with chiropractic to maintain his progress and is diligent at doing his DMR Method stability exercises at home, as instructed by our Physical Therapy team.