Kelly came to Ripple Health Clinic at the end July 2019, with low back pain radiating down the back of her left leg. Her symptoms presented themselves after wakeboarding and pulling weeds. As a nurse anesthetist, working in spinal operating rooms, she knew her symptoms could mean spinal surgery.

A lumbar MRI showed an L5/S1 disc herniation and L4/5 bulge. Kelly immediately started the DMR protocol for disc protrusions. Her treatments consiste

d of chiropractic and physical therapy care following our exclusive system of Mobility (relief), Alignment (repair), and Stability (rehabilitation). As her symptoms fluctuated throughout her program, many her colleagues suggested that she needed surgery. However, Kelly wanted surgery to be the last absolute option, and was dedicated to seeing her treatment through.

Kelly continued to slowly show signs of improvements and healing throughout her DMR protocol. She was discharged after three and a half months and is back to working out at the gym, and all of her daily life activities!